Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS)



To ensure the supply of energy at all times, certain electrical installations are connected to two sources:

  • the normal source;
  • the replacement source that steps in to supply the installation if the normal source is not available.


A mechanical and/or electrical interlocking system between two Interpact switchdisconnectors or Compact circuit breakers avoids simultaneous connection of the two sources during switching.

  • Remote-operated source-changeover system;
  • Automatic source-changeover systems.



ATS cabinets used in trade center, office buildings, apartment buildings, hospitals, ports or in the industrial areas such as factories,..Where loads require continuous power supply, high reliability. ATS is also used in industrial civil or industrial, where often lose power suddenly.



Remote-operated transfer switch equipment system

Remote-operated Source-changeover System

Rating (A)
Type of circuit breakers

100 to 630A

630 to 6300A

Manchanical interlocking on base plate + Electrical interlocking


Manchanical interlocking using connecting rods + Electrical interlocking


Manchanical interlocking using cables + Electrical interlocking



Automatic transfer switch equipment system

Power Supply Continuity For Applications

Rating (A)
Up to 3200A



Mains/ Mains

Mains/ Genset

Genset/ Genset

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